13th Annual Addressing Mesquite Day

Addressing Mesquite Day started in 2005 and every year since then for one day in October volunteers from various parts of the community comes together to help neighbors in need.

“It was based on a group of community leaders wanting to address the need in our community. Mesquite as an entering suburb of a major metropolitan area had some unique challenges that really necessitated revitalization, so the solution was Addressing Mesquite Day,” said Lauren Rose, assistant to the City Manager.

Those being helped are the elderly and disabled in the community who either do not have the financial or physical ability to take care of their properties.

Rose said that over the years volunteers have painted houses, mended fence, did yard work, demolished structures, build ramps and in the process build relationships.

“All that’s been accomplished this last 13 years wouldn’t be possible without the support of our volunteers of which we’ve had a total of approximately 7,000 help us out,” she said.

Those volunteers have worked on over 977 homes in the past 13 years and the number continues to grow as volunteers ask to take on more.

“I believe Deputy Mayor Pro Tem (Dan) Aleman was part of that first group in 2005, and Mayor Mike Anderson and our Mesquite Ministerial Alliance was and is a strong proponent and they sat down and originally came up with that idea,” said Mayor Stan Pickett.

He added that the first year he was elected as mayor Addressing Mesquite Day served 113 homes.

“We couldn’t do it without the volunteers and the sponsors. This year the people we’re recognizing, I believe, have all given at least $5,000 or more to this endeavor,” he said. “This year our sponsors have given us $50,800.”

The five platinum level sponsors are Elliott’s Hardware, UPS, Fuel City, the Home Depot Foundation and Atmos Energy.

Article by Anny Sivilay  of Star Local Media  |  asivilay@starlocalmedia.com  |  Oct 5, 2017

The Mesquite Police Association has historically been a sponsor of this event and this year, the Association donated $1,000 to Addressing Mesquite Day.  The Mesquite Police Association is proud to be a part of  growing and improving Mesquite.